Python REST API framework designed for human beings

Python REST API framework designed for human beings

Problems I faced

I have known about Python eve framework for quite some time now. But recently I thought of using it in my project because of its usefulness. And then I hit a roadblock of less documentation and took me a good amount of time to master it. So, this article is an empathetic effort, empathy for those who may have to travel the same boat for some time and do not have to suffer the same pain as I did.


To install the eve package, the command(assuming you have pip already installed) is

Create a complete web API with Python, Flask, JWT, and MongoDB using sustainable coding practices.

Before we start: This guide is aimed towards beginners / intermediate level. So, a bit of python knowledge and object-oriented programming fundamentals are required. Creating an API with a database backend is a great programming project, but it can be tough to get started since there are so many concepts to work with. This guide is meant to help you build your first API using Python Flask-Restful, Auth, and MongoDB, from start to finish. Hopefully, this guide will help take the edge off.

What Is This App about?

Here is…

Recently I was working on adding a new feature to an existing legacy code. But then while working on it, I found a sweet problem which was quite new for me.

def get_obj():
model_obj = model() # Some large database query
return model_obj
def get_obj_value(self):
obj = self.get_obj()
return obj
def get_obj_value_dup(self):
obj = self.get_obj()
return obj

As we can see I have a method get_obj() which does some database query and returns that. This method was already there and I just had to use it in my separate methods, but soon I realized that this method get_obj() was being…

anurag kumar

Graduate from The National Institute of Engineering. Currently, I am working as a backend developer in a FinTech firm.

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